Activating GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio requires an internet connection to activate your licence before you can use it.

Once you have installed your version of GameMaker: Studio you will be shown the following Welcome screen: From here you have three options:

After licensing you will be prompted to restart GameMaker: Studio. If your licence has any extra modules attached to it, you may be prompted to download additional files and then restart again before you can access them.

At any time you can log into your YYA from a browser or from the GameMaker: Studio IDE Account Menu and see the licences you posses as well as modify any of the account details.


While GameMaker: Studio itself does not require an internet connection to be used, it will require occasional access to maintain the license activated. If you cannot connect your computer to the internet for any long period of time, you can download the license check file from the YoYo Games website, and then point the auto update system to it. If you fail to provide a valid license file, or there is no internet connection when requested, your copy of GameMaker: Studio will not work until such time as this is resolved.

Additional Modules

NOTE: These extra modules can only be bought if you have already upgraded to GameMaker: Studio - Professional.

GameMaker: Studio comes with a number of export options included when you buy it: Windows and Mac OS X (and Steam Workshop if you bought the program from Steam), as well as Windows 8 (Native) and Windows 8 (JS). However additional modules can be purchased easily from the YoYo Games Checkout. Once there, all you have to do is fill in the required information (e-mail address and GameMaker: Studio base license), then select the target module or modules that you wish to add. After this has been done, clicking "Proceed" will take you to the purchase page to confirm the sale. Finally, once confirmed, you will be given the new license and an email with it will be sent to the address you have given.

To use this License, you must now start GameMaker: Studio and go to "Help", "Update License" and enter your new license in the appropriate area. Once that is done, you should close GameMaker: Studio and restart it to enjoy the functionality of the new modules that you have purchased.

Buying Additional Modules From Steam

If you bought GameMaker: Studio through Steam you can also purchase these modules easily on-line from the same service, with no licence being required as Steam keeps track of your details for you. To access the available modules, you must run your Steam Client, go to the Library and right click on the GameMaker: Studio entry. From the right click menu that pops up you should select the option View Downloadable Content which will open the application Properties window and there you can select, buy and install the module of your choice.

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