This section lists the differences between versions of GameMaker: Studio.

There are a number of different versions of GameMaker: Studio available for you to use, and each one is designed to scale to the level of programming experience of the end-user, either with the GameMaker product or in general. All versions can compile to Windows (as well as the Steam Workshop if you have downloaded your version through the Steam client). Apart from these compile targets each available version is different and has a number of limits and restrictions which are detailed below.

Should you wish to upgrade your current version of GameMaker: Studio, you can do so through the YoYo Games web site or, if you have the Steam Client, by right clicking on the GameMaker: Studio entry in the Library and selecting "View Downloadable Content".

GameMaker: Studio

This version is free to download and use, as it is designed to permit the end-user to test the functions of the product before upgrading to a more powerful version. If you have used previous GameMaker products and are thinking about upgrading to Studio then you can use this version to see the differences between it and previous versions, or if you have never used GameMaker before (or are new to programming) then this version is an excellent place to start.

The following limits are present in the regular version of GameMaker: Studio:

  1. No Configurations
  2. No Texture Group Control
  3. No Extra Target Modules
  4. No DSP (Developer Services Portal)
  5. No Source Control
  6. No Steam API integration
  7. No dynamic resources
  8. No networking

GameMaker: Studio Professional

With the professional version of GameMaker: Studio all limitations are removed and you can experiment with all the features of the program:

  1. Configurations for specific clients or builds
  2. Texture Group Control for optimising your games and apps
  3. Source Control for working in teams using Subversion
  4. Developer Services Portal integration for in-app purchases, advertising and analytics
  5. Android test target for testing your project on Android devices before buying the appropriate target module
  6. Windows 8 app development (JavaScript and Native packages)
  7. The possibility of buying extra target modules (currently Mac OSX, HTML5, iOS, Ubuntu, Windows Phone, Android and Tizen)

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