The Extras Tab

This section deals with the Extras tab of the Global Games Settings Window.

The Extras Tab deals with extra SDK options for those companies that don't easily fit into any other category. Currently you can find the Inmobi, PocketChange and Push Notification setup options here for the Android, iOS and Tizen target modules.

Pocket Change

WARNING! As of the 1.3 update to GameMaker: Studio, Pocket Change is no longer applicable to the Android and iOS target platforms.

PocketChange is a system that rewards virtual currency for plays of your game. Once you have activated this system on this tab, when the player starts your app GameMaker: Studio will make two calls to the PocketChange network. The first is to display your daily reward (if any) which will also launch their api, then there is another call which displays a button on the screen which, if the user touches it, will display the PocketChange shop. The normal currency exchange is 10 "tokens" per day, but this can be negotiated with the people at PocketChange so your users can earn for gaining achievements, high scores etc...

You can also test your PocketChange account by flagging the "Enable Debug" check-box, in which case the standard Daily Reward will be awarded each run of the game until this flag is un-checked again, and you will receive extra debug messages in the console.

For more information you can go to

Push Notifications

In order for your game to use Push Notifications they must be enabled here first (each target has it's own tab with a "flag" for this), otherwise they will not work. Local notifications on Android do not require the "GCM Sender ID", but you must add it should you wish to create remote notifications. Also note that local notifications are not available on the Tizen target platform.

For further information on the functions available please see the section Push Notifications, and for information on setting up remote notifications correctly, please see YoYo Games Knowledge Base.

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