The General Options Tab

This section deals with the general options of the Global Games Settings Window.

This tab deals with a couple of general aspects of how GameMaker: Studio will run your game.

Here you can choose the colour to be drawn when the view goes outside of the room region (default is black), and you can generate a unique Game Identifier which can be accessed in your game by using the constant game_id. The button to generate this id also re-creates the Game GUID hash which can then be copied to the clipboard with the help of the button below for use in your applications and games.

You also have the option to turn off or on the new Audio Engine that GameMaker: Studio uses. Due to incompatibilities you cannot have both the new audio engine and the legacy sound engine active at the same time. For old games created with other versions of GameMaker or for those games started before the new audio engine was added, the Legacy Audio will be used as default, while for all new games GameMaker: Studio will default to the new audio system. However, you can change this at any time by flagging (or un-flagging) this option. For more information on the new Audio Engine, please see the section on Game Assets - Sound.

Finally, there is an option to turn on or off Short Circuit Evaluation. The default behaviour for GameMaker: Studio is to have it on, meaning that in any boolean check with multiple expressions, if any of them fail then the rest will be "skipped", giving a very minor boost to your game logic. However, older versions of GameMaker evaluated both arguments to a boolean operation, even when the first argument already determined the outcome, so disabling this option will return GameMaker to using the previous method. Generally you would want this on, but in certain cases (particularly if you are importing old projects) you may need to switch this off to prevent any undesired effects.

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