Start recording audio to the recorder buffer from a given source.



Argument Description
recorder_index The index of the recorder source to use.

Returns: Index


This function will start recording audio from the recorder source indexed. You can get the number of recorder sources using the function audio_get_recorder_count(), and once you start recording the audio will be stored in a temporary buffer and start triggering an Audio Recording Asynchronous Event. This event is triggered every step that recording takes place and will create the special ds_map in the variable async_load with the following key/value pairs:

Note that after the asynchronous event has been triggered, the audio in the temporary buffer will be wiped, so you should be copying it's data into a custom buffer that you have previously created.

NOTE: Recording audio is currently only available currently for the Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and HTML5 target modules.


audio_record = audio_start_recording(0);

The above code starts recording from the recorder source 0, storing the channel index of the recording in the variable "audio_record" for use in the asynchronous Audio Recording event.

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