Skeletal Animations

This section deals with the functions relating to sprite assets.

The functions found in this section are only for use with sprites that have been imported from a skeletal animation file (like the JSON files that Spine exports) and can be used to get information about an animation asset in your game, as well as for setting certain properties within an animation. These functions can to be used along with the regular sprite functions and variables, permitting you to (for example) mix two skeleton animations using these special functions while setting the image scale using the normal sprite instance variables. For more information on the sprite instance variables see the section on Instance Properties.

NOTE: For further information on importing skeletal animation sprites made with Spine, please see the section Importing Skeletal Animations.
IMPORTANT: Spine integration in GameMaker: Studio is a Pro licence feature and will not work in the Free/Standard versions.

The functions available are:

  1. skeleton_animation_get
  2. skeleton_animation_set
  3. skeleton_animation_get_ext
  4. skeleton_animation_set_ext
  5. skeleton_animation_get_duration
  6. skeleton_animation_mix
  7. skeleton_animation_list
  8. skeleton_animation_clear
  9. skeleton_skin_get
  10. skeleton_skin_set
  11. skeleton_skin_list
  12. skeleton_attachment_get
  13. skeleton_attachment_set
  14. skeleton_attachment_create
  15. skeleton_bone_data_get
  16. skeleton_bone_data_set
  17. skeleton_bone_state_get
  18. skeleton_bone_state_set
  19. skeleton_slot_data
  20. skeleton_collision_draw_set

You can also use various draw routines designed specifically for these types of sprite (apart from the regular draw_sprite() functions). These functions give you more control over what is being drawn and permit you to change animation specific features, such as timing and skins:

  1. draw_skeleton
  2. draw_skeleton_collision
  3. draw_skeleton_time

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