Distributing Your Game

Here we talk about how you can distribute your finished game.

With the information in the preceding sections of this manual you can begin to create your games, but when your game is finished you obviously want other people to play it. You can of course export a *.gmz file and let them use GameMaker: Studio to play it but this is normally not what you want! First of all, you don't want others to be able to change the game or get access to all your hard work, and secondly you also want people to play the game even if they do not have a copy of GameMaker: Studio. So you would like to create a stand-alone application or package of your game, or upload it as HTML5 to a site on the internet so that everyone can play it!

Creating Your Stand Alone Game

Creating stand-alone applications is very easy with GameMaker: Studio. First you have to choose the "target" for the files to be made which means choosing whether you wish to create an *.exe for Windows, generate JavaScript and HTML for use in a browser, or create a package for one of the other target modules. Each of the individual targets has their own settings and you must ensure that they are correctly configured in the Global Game Settings and Preferences before you continue.

Once everything is correct, you then go into the File menu and select the item Create Executable or you can press the following button, found on the main IDE toolbar beside the Play and Debug buttons:
Create Executable For Target
Either option will open a save window where you can give the final name that you wish to use for your game file. Once you have done this, the necessary files will be generated so that you can distribute it as you wish.

NOTE: Before doing a final build of your project for release, you should always clear the Asset Compiler Cache (using the green "broom" icon at the top of the IDE) to ensure that all cached files are recreated and no stale files corrupt your final game.

Target Platform Formats

Each target option saves to a platform specific format:

Please note: GameMaker: Studio uses a C++ runner to create all final games and apps. The previous GameMaker versions used Delphi, so this means that any game imported from previous versions may not work without certain changes.

For further information on how to compile a final game for your target platform, and for details on how to upload these to the various app stores available, please see the YoYo Knowledge Base.


Once you have created a stand-alone application or package for your game you can then give the file to other people or place it on your website to download. You can also upload these files to the different hosting services for individual distribution or to online stores (like Google Play, iTunes or the MS Store) for general distribution and retail.

Further information on these formats and file creation can be found on the YoYo Knowledge Base.

You are free to distribute the games you create with GameMaker: Studio in any way you like, and this means that you can even sell them! Of course, this assumes that the sprites, images, and sounds you used to make it can be distributed or sold as well and that you have the legal rights to all assets. See the enclosed license agreement for more information on this (available on the Licences Tab).

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