The Help Menu

Here you can find out all about the various options available to you from the drop down help menu.

Note that if you have any Sony console license or the Xbox One licence as part of your GameMaker: Studio licence, then you will also see an option here to install the appropriate SDK and module resources.

Key Bindings

The help Key Binding Editor permits you to re-assign the default GameMaker: Studio IDE keyboard shortcuts to those that you choose. When you open the editor you will be presented with the following window: Along the top of the window are the tabs for each of the editors available, as well as a "General" tab for the main IDE keyboard shortcuts. Each tab is split into three parts:

To change a Key, simply right-click on it and select the key, or key combination, that you require from the lists presented and your shortcut will be created. Note that you can also create your own custom bindings if those that are presented by default do not match what you require by selecting the Custom Keys option. This will open a window another window which will detect and show the keys that you are currently pressing: You need to hold the key combination for 3 seconds and then it will be added to the Key Bindings for that command.

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