The Draw Event

The Draw Events are some of the many events that can be triggered in an instance and may contain code or actions.

Draw Event
This event is the one that governs what you see on the screen when you run your game, and is split into various separate "sub-events":

As you can see, the draw event category has multiple different event types, and here we will deal with the standard Draw Events: draw Begin, Draw and Draw End. You can get information on the other event types from the following pages:

  1. Draw GUI Event
  2. Pre And Post Draw Event
  3. Resize Event

The standard draw events are the ones covered on this page and they run before the Draw GUI events and between the Pre Draw and Post Draw events, meaning that everything that is drawn in this event is drawn beneath that of the Draw GUI event, regardless of depth (ie: anything drawn in the Draw GUI event will always be drawn over anything drawn in the normal draw event, regardless of depth). The image below illustrates the order in which each event is performed:

The Standard Draw Event

The normal Draw Events fall into three types: The Draw begin, the standard Draw and the Draw End events. In general, you will only need to use the standard Draw event and you should be aware that all instances in a room will have this standard draw event triggered each step of the game. So, this event will always be called as long as the instance has the visible flag set to true. Even if you have defined nothing for this event in the object properties (ie: no code nor actions), if the object has a sprite assigned it will still have a draw event which will be triggered! You see, GameMaker: Studio has two ways to draw things in the standard Draw event:

Draw Begin and Draw End Events

Apart from the main draw Event, you also have a Draw Begin and a Draw End event. These act exactly the same as a standard Draw event (ie: they will draw whatever you put in them every step of the game and for all views), but they do not "default draw" anything if not added to an instance, and they will always run before/after the standard Draw event. So, you would have the Draw Begin step for all instances, then the Draw Event for all instances, then finally the Draw End step for all instances.

In this way, you can draw things or set draw properties in the Draw Begin step in one instance and be sure that all instances with a standard Draw event or Draw End event will use these properties or draw over what the first instance has drawn. Basically its a sure fire way to guarantee that certain things are drawn at certain times, much like the Begin Step and End Step events do.

Things to Note

There are a few things to note when drawing things in GameMaker: Studio, whether it's a sprite you are drawing or a shader, or 3D:

  1. The draw event is a very intensive event, in that it's one of the events that takes up most time and resources... to that end it is never a good idea to do anything in the draw event other than drawing. So save your large code or complex actions for the Step event or Alarms or whatever other event fits, but leave the draw event clear for the drawing as that's what it does best.

  2. If your object has had the visible parameter set to off (so that the instances of the object are not drawn) then all draw events are skipped (except for the Resize event. This means that making an instance invisible will stop all code placed in any of these events not to run, so don't put essential code in the draw events if they are not going to be visible.

  3. What you draw has nothing to do with the collision engine you choose (traditional or physics) as that is defined by the object properties and the sprite or mask that the object has been given.

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