Using GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio is an easy to use program for creating your own computer games.

GameMaker: Studio by default only permits you to export games for Windows, while the Professional version also permits you to compile for macOS and Linux (Ubuntu) (as well as use additional functionality). If you have bought GameMaker: Studio through Steam, you will also have an additional target module to export your games to the Steam Workshop. You can get further additional modules which will permit you to export to other platforms like HTML5, Android and iOS.

  1. The HTML5 module enables you to produce ready-to-run HTML and JavaScript code that you can host or embed on any website
  2. The Android/Fire module enables you to create and distribute *.apk files
  3. If you have an iOS developer account then with the iOS module you can also publish to iPad, iPhone and iPod
  4. With the Mac OSX module you can target the Apple desktop market
  5. The Linux module permits you to make desktop games that run on the Ubuntu operating system

These modules are available only to those who have upgraded to the Pro version of GameMaker: Studio (more information on the different versions can be found here).

This section of the help file gives you all the information you need for creating your first games. Later sections will discuss more advanced topics, how to polish and distribute your game, and the built-in programming language GML that considerably extends the possibilities of the product.

Information on the basic use of GameMaker: Studio can be found in the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation and System Requirements
  3. Activation
  4. GameMaker: Studio Overview
  5. The Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    1. - The File Menu
    2. - The Edit Menu
    3. - The Resources Menu
    4. - The Scripts Menu
    5. - The Run Menu
    6. - The Help Menu
  6. Loading Sprites
  7. Sounds And Music
  8. Backgrounds
  9. Defining Objects
  10. Events
    1. - Create Event
    2. - Destroy Event
    3. - Alarm Events
    4. - Step Events
    5. - Collision Event
    6. - Keyboard Events
    7. - Other Events
    8. - Draw Event
    9. - Asynchronous Events
  11. Actions
    1. - Move Actions
    2. - Main Actions, Set 1
    3. - Main Actions, Set 2
    4. - Control Actions
    5. - Score Actions
    6. - Extra Actions
    7. - Draw Actions
    8. - Using Variables and Expressions in Actions
  12. Creating Rooms
    1. - Settings
    2. - Backgrounds
    3. - Objects
  13. Game Information
  14. Distributing Your Game
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