Extension Packages

Extension packages extend the possibilities of GameMaker: Studio.

An extension package (GMEZ) can be used to add a number of additional functions and constants to the GameMaker Language (GML). These functions can link your game to external SDKs or source code written in other languages (like Java for Android, for example), as well as native GML. You can add extension packages to a project by simply right-clicking the Extensions folder in the resource tree and selecting "Import Extension". If you are using legacy GEX extensions from previous versions of GameMaker, you can access them from the Help menu at the top of the main window (see The Help Menu).

For more information on Extension Packages please see:

  1. Using Extensions
  2. Creating Extensions
  3. Legacy Extensions
  4. Proxy Files

YYG Extension Packages

Previous versions of GameMaker: Studio had a lot of 3rd party functionality built in, but this was inefficient and difficult to maintain so current versions have adopted the use of extensions packages to add third party support to your games. This means that you can add only those extra functions that you require and that you can even adapt and edit them to suit your specific needs. You can get these extension packages from the Demos on the GameMaker: Studio welcome screen when you start up the program, and you can find further information about them from the following YoYo Games Knowledge Base articles:

  1. Advertising And Analytics

These extensions come with a demo and a help file that explains how to use them, and as such are not covered in the manual.

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