Proxy Files

This section explains how to add proxy files and their naming conventions.

When working with multiple target platforms, it is worth noting that you can create a single extension with only one set of functions which will work on all platforms. This is achieved by adding only one of the link libraries to your game as an extension and placing the other in the to the list of Proxy Files from the File Properties window. For example, say you have a Windows extension with the dll "Haggis.dll". You would simply replicate this dll as a Mac DyLib, naming it "libHaggis.dylib" and making sure that the internal function names match those of the original Windows dll. This DyLib would then be added into the Proxy Files and set to export when the game is run on the Mac target, and GameMaker: Studio will automatically use it when the extension functions are called.

To add a proxy file, simply click the (+) button in the File Properties window for the extension and browse to the file location. Once it is added you may need to change the extension target to the appropriate module, and when you next run your game it will be included as proxy for that platform. You can remove proxy files too by clicking the (-) button, which will remove the last one in the list each press.

Once you have added your proxy files they will be stored in the GMX of your game, in the Extensions folder (you can find them easily by right-clicking on the extension and selecting "Open in Explorer"), so if you need to edit them, you should edit the copied files that are bundled with the game and not the originals, as GameMaker: Studio will be using the ones in the GMX for compiling your game.

Naming Proxy Files

It is very important that your proxy files follow the naming conventions listed below, as GameMaker: Studio will parse these names and assign the target module for the file according to its extension and name and will automatically link the files for you. If you do not follow these conventions your game may not work at runtime, as GameMaker: Studio will not be able to work out which file to use or it will not load the file properly.

The naming conventions for each target platform are given below:

Platform Names
Windows <Name>.dll
Linux <Name>.so, lib<Name>.so, <Name>, lib<Name>
Mac <Name>.dylib, lib<Name>.dylib
PS4 <Name>.prx, lib<Name>.prx, <Name>_ps4.prx, lib<Name>_ps4.prx
PSVita <Name>.suprx, lib<Name>.suprx, <Name>_vita.suprx, lib<Name>_vita.suprx, <Name>_psvita.suprx, lib<Name>_psvita.suprx
Xbox One <Name>_xboxone.dll

Using the conventions above, you would swap out the <Name> part for the name of the base file that you are adding the proxy files for.

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