The Advertising Tab

This section deals with the Advertising tab of the Global Game Settings window.

This tab can be used to set up and control the add providers you use for your games, as well as how their adverts are displayed within your game. There are three sub-tabs provided for each of the target platforms that permit advertising (iOS, Android, and HTML5).

Enabling Ads

To switch advertising on for your game, you will need to do either one of two things depending on the target platform. If your game targets iOS or Android, then you will need to check the box for the ads provider that you require and then download the provider as an extension from the Marketplace (you can find more information on this here: Ad Provider Demos V3). If you require a demo of the ad providers on iOS or Android then you can click the link provided beside each provider to download a demo - which contains a help file - from the Marketplace. For all other platforms, ads support is built into GameMaker: Studio and you must first check the box labelled "Enable Advertising" and then select the advertiser that you wish to use as the provider from the drop down menu shown:

Testing Ads

If you wish to test out your adverts in a test game or to see how they look, you can also check the box labelled "Use Test Ads (where available)", and, depending on the provider, you should be able to compile and run your game with advertising coming though as you would see it in a "live" game, but without it actually counting towards your ad revenue. For more information on this feature and to see which companies support it, please see the section Reference - Advertising and Analytics.

NOTE: For iOS and Android the process for getting test ads is slightly different and you should consult the Knowledge Base article for each ad extension.

Ad Providers

Each target has a different set of advertising providers (the image above is just an example) and the list will change as more become available. Once you have chosen your provider, you should then choose which advert type you wish to display in your game. This is done by supplying the Key that the provider has given you for the advert type and by selecting the shape of the advert as it should be shown within your game. These shapes will vary from provider to provider, so you you should check with them for the exact size and layout of each ad.

You should note that there is one final ad-type that may be available for your provider, and that is interstitial ads. These normally take the form of full page adverts which can be offer walls (essentially a page to promote several different advertising campaigns), virtual currency deals, or a video and there are a number of specific functions that can be used to launch those ads should the provider permit them.

When you have finished specifying your provider and the ads you wish to support, you will then need to set them up from within your game code using the functions found in the section: Reference - Advertising and Analytics.

For information on individual Ad providers, please see the YoYo Knowledge Base.

NOTE: This functionality is limited to the Professional Version of GameMaker: Studio.

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