The General Options Tab

This section deals with the general options of the Global Games Settings Window.

This tab deals with a few of the general aspects of how GameMaker: Studio 1.4 will run your game.

To start with you are shown the Game Identifier value - which can be edited if required - along with the Game GUID which is the unique identifier that is used to identify the game project. Underneath these fields you have a button that can be used to generate a new Game Identifier (which can be accessed in your game by using the constant game_id) and . The button to generate this id also re-creates the Game GUID hash which can then be copied to the clipboard with the help of the button below for use in your applications and games.

Underneath the Game ID data, you can choose the colour outside the room region (which is the colour used to draw the background when the view goes outside of the room region). The default value is black. Beside this you also have the following options:

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