IAP Event

This is the sub event that will be triggered by any IAP call-backs received.

This event can only be triggered when you have activated In App Purchases for your game. If you have this functionality added, then the event will be triggered under the following circumstances:

  1. The store state changes.
  2. A product (or products) have been activated.
  3. The product and purchases have been restored.
  4. A product has been purchased.
  5. A product has been consumed.

The event will always create a special ds_map with an index ID stored in the built in variable iap_data. This map will always contain the key "type", which will hold one of the following constant values:

Constant Description
iap_ev_storeload This is triggered when a change is detected in the target platform store.
iap_ev_product This event is triggered when a product is activated and will contain additional information about the product.
iap_ev_restore This event is only triggered when you use the iap_restore_all function.
iap_ev_purchase When a purchase has been completed, this event is triggered.
iap_ev_consume When you use the function iap_consume it triggers this event.

Each of these possible event "types" will add extra keys to the iap_data ds_map, which can then be parsed to get the purchase or product information necessary. The exact contents of the iap_data map are listed below for each event "type".


When you activate your purchases, your game will try to contact the target store, triggering this event in the process. The iap_data map will then have an addition key "status", which will have one of the following constants as it's value:

Constant Description
iap_storeload_ok The store has been contacted and the connection is good.
iap_storeload_failed There has been a connection error or for some reason the store is unavailable.


All activated purchases will trigger this event "type", but only once per purchase, so if you have activated ten products you should expect this event to trigger ten times. If you have received this event, the iap_data ds_map will hold the additional key "index" which holds the unique product ID string for the product being activated. You can then use the function iap_product_details along with this product ID to get further information.

NOTE: Google Play (Android) can only request details for products 20 at a time which can lead to quite long load times for applications with a significant number of products.


When you call the function iap_restore_all it will trigger this event, adding a "result" key to the iap_data ds_map. This key will hold either true or false to indicate whether the purchase data has been successfully restored from the target store.


On requesting a purchase using the function iap_acquire this event type will be triggered. The iap_data ds_map will have the additional key "index" which holds the unique purchase ID value for the product being purchased. You can then use the function iap_purchase_details along with this purchase ID to get further information.

NOTE: If the product purchased is consumable then it must be used using iap_consume before a further purchase can be made.


When using the function iap_consume this event type will be triggered. The iap_data ds_map will have the additional key "product" which holds the unique product ID string for the product being consumed.

NOTE: The iap_data ds_map created for the in app purchase event is only valid in this event and should not be accessed anywhere else in your game.

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