More About Async Events

This is the event that will be triggered by any call-backs received.

An asynchronous event is one that is fired off when GameMaker: Studio receives a "call back" from some external source, which can be from the web or from the device running your game. Basically, you tell GameMaker: Studio to do something, like load an image, and it'll start to do this but continue doing whatever it else it has to do meanwhile its working. Then, when the request has been completed, a call-back will be sent to GameMaker: Studio and any Asynchronous Events defined for that type of call back will be fired. Please note that the Asynchronous Events are fired for all instances that have them, much like the key events, so you can do an http_get call in one instance, yet have the Asynchronous HTTP event in another.

NOTE: You should be aware that due to XSS protection in browsers, requests to and attempts to load resources from across domains are blocked and may appear to return blank results when using any of the following events.

There are various types of events associated with the Asynchronous event category, and they are all explained in the sections below:

  1. Image Loaded Event
  2. HTTP Event
  3. Dialogs Event
  4. IAP (In App Purchases) Event
  5. Cloud Event
  6. Networking Event
  7. Steam Event
  8. Social Event
  9. Push Notification Event
  10. Load/Save Event
  11. Audio Recording Event
  12. Audio Playback Notification Event
  13. System Event

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