More About Backgrounds

This section deals with some of the more complex aspects of working with backgrounds and tiles.

When dealing with backgrounds and tiles (and to a lesser extent, sprites) in GameMaker: Studio it is important to understand how they are processed internally, as you may discover graphical artefacts or glitches in your games due to not configuring your textures correctly for the use you wish to put them to. This is normally not an issue unless you are scaling the image, but when designing for devices other than PC or Mac then scaling is almost inevitable due to the differing screen sizes and the need to adapt your game to them.

You also have to take into account how the images are stored internally by GameMaker: Studio on the generated texture pages, as, if not done correctly, this can also lead to your game being slow or buggy on devices.

The following sections deal with some of the more complex aspects of designing backgrounds and tiles for your games, as well as the use of texture pages:

  1. Designing Tiles
  2. Texture Pages

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