Android Preferences

The section details the Android device preferences tab.

For GameMaker: Studio to work with Android device, a number of things need to be set up. First, you must have installed the Android SDK along with the API packages required for your game to run (as well as a test device with Android installed), the Android NDK, and you must also have installed the Java SE Development Kit (JDK). Once you have them installed and updated you should set up your Web Server Preferences before continuing with the configuration of this tab. You can get up-to-date information on whgat version of the SDK and NDK is currently required from this helpdesk article: SDK Version Support.


The KeyStore is a file that will be used to "sign" all your Android apps - including those created for the Amazon Fire target platform - so please fill in all the details correctly:

Once this information is filled in and you are happy with it, press the button marked Generate for GameMaker: Studio to create the necessary KeyStore file. This may take a moment but once it is finished, you will see that the section marked Private KeyStore File will have been updated to reflect the new name that you have given it. Once this is done it normally will not need to be changed again.

There is a further option here marked Show Key Hash. Pressing this will generate two special security hash keys directly linked to your Keystore file that some web sites require for correct functionality (for example, Facebook, or Google Play for the Sha1 hash). Should you need this, simply press the button, then copy and paste the hash keys that are generated.


The SDK Tab is where you supply details of the installed components that GameMaker: Studio needs to compile Android *.apk files.

You should click the button marked Check Android SDK, as this will validate all the information and inform you of any errors (in which case you should revise all the information to make sure it is correct). When everything checks out you should receive the message "SDK + JDK + KeyStore OK".

There are a few final options at the bottom of the tab:

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