Server Preferences

The section details the web server preferences tab.

Here you can set up the web server that GameMaker: Studio is going to use. The available options are:

If you are not sure of your IP address, then you can find it by following these instructions:

The Micro Web Server

The Micro Web Server is a small program that GameMaker: Studio uses for HTML5 games and for connecting remotely to other computers and devices. It shows the currently connected IP addresses as well as a log of events for each address, and also has the permitted IPs that you entered in to the Preferences, above.

Note that you cannot change any of the information displayed here in the Micro Web Server itself, except for the network speed. This has a slider (and accepts direct keyboard input too) which can be used to "throttle back" the server connection speed and so simulate poor or limited network conditions, which can be very useful for testing HTML5 games.

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