Windows 8 Preferences

The section details the Windows8 preferences tab.

Here you can set up the preferences that GameMaker: Studio is going to use with your installation of Windows8 for testing games. Before stating to use the Windows8 target platform you must have installed the Visual Studio Express 2012 SDK that supports building Windows Store JavaScript applications (this can be found here). Once that is installed the values for these preferences should be automatically generated. If these values are incorrect or are not generated automatically for you, you should do the following:

You should also note that for GameMaker: Studio to generate your app correctly, you will need a Developer Key. Please refer to the section Global Game Settings - Windows8 Tab: Installation.

Next you need to point GameMaker: Studio to the Windows 8 SDK Tools which you can find in the folder "../Windows Kits/8.0/bin/x86". Finally you should click on the Check Native SDK button to confirm that your selections are okay and that everything works as it should. If you get an error or you are not sure that your Developer Licence is correct, you may also click on the button labelled Acquire Developer Licence which will open up a command prompt and automatically go through the necessary steps to get you one.

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