Returns the type of variable being checked as a string.



Argument Description
variable The variable to get the type of.

Returns: String


This function returns the data type of any given variable as a string. The possible return values are listed in the table below:

String Description
number The variable holds a real (floating point) number
string The variable holds a string
array The variable references an array
bool The variable holds a boolean (true / false)
int32 The variable holds a 32bit integer
int64 The variable holds a 64 bit integer
ptr The variable holds a pointer
undefined The variable is undefined
null The variable holds a null value (this should not be seen normally)
vec3 The variable holds a 3 value vector
vec4 The variable holds a 4 value vector
unknown Value is unknown. This should never be seen and signifies that something has gone wrong at the most basic level like a memory overwrite


data_str = typeof(global.ExtensionInput);

The above code gets the data type held by the given global variable and returns the string to an instance variable.

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