Return an array of all instance scope variables.



Argument Description
instance_id The unique ID value of the instance to check

Returns: Array (each entry is a string)


With this function you can retrieve an array populated with the instance variable names for an instance. Each entry in the array will be a string of the variable name that corresponds to an instance scope variable that has been created in the instance.


var str = "";
var array = variable_instance_get_names(id);
show_debug_message("Variables for " + object_get_name(object_index) + string(id));
for (var i = 0; i < array_length_1D(array); i++;)
    str = array[i] + ":" + string(variable_instance_get(array[i]));

The above code will retrieve an array of all instance scope variables for the instance running the code block and then display these along with their values in the debug output.

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