Obsolete Functions

This section lists all the functions made obsolete in GameMaker: Studio from previous versions of GameMaker.

Due to the fact that GameMaker: Studio is focused on fast cross platform development, there are a number of functions that were available in previous versions of GameMaker that are now no longer supported. Most of these have been removed to permit games to run on devices without them blocking, but some have been removed because they are obsolete with current technology, or because they are specific functions for Windows that are no longer necessary.

Explaining exactly why each of these features was removed, as well as suggesting any possible workaround for you, is outside of the scope of this manual, but you can find a list of all the functions and functionality that has changed between Legacy versions and GameMaker: Studio here: YoYo Games Knowledge Base - Porting GM7 And GM8 Games To GameMaker: Studio.

Each of the following pages details the functions that have been removed and gives a brief explanation as to why they have been removed:

  1. Triggers
  2. Registry Functions
  3. CD Functions
  4. Display Functions
  5. Splash Functions
  6. Particle Functions
  7. Sound Functions
  8. mPlay Functions
  9. Message Functions
  10. Dynamic Functions
  11. Transition Functions
  12. File Functions
  13. Miscellaneous Functions

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