Obsolete Transition Functions

These functions deal with splash screens and videos.

Function List:

Function Description
transition_kind Indicates the next room transition. You can use the following built-in values
transition_steps Indicates the number of steps in the transition. The more steps, the longer the transition takes. Default is 80.
transition_define You can actually create your own transitions. To this end you must define a script (possibly in an extension package) to do the transition. With this function you can then add the transition to the system. kind is the index of the transition (either a new one or an existing transitions). name is the name of the script. Note that the name of the script is a string! So there must be quotes around it. Note that this is really advanced stuff. The script must take five arguments: a surface with the image of the previous room, a surface with the image of the next room, the width of the surfaces, the height of the surfaces, and the fraction of the transition (between 0 and 1). It must then draw the image using the two surfaces.
transition_exists This function returns whether a transition of the indicated kind exists.

Why These Are Obsolete

These functions have been removed due to the fact that they more or less "take over" control of the device to work. They are also incompatible with the way GameMaker: Studio now handles graphics.

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