Add a PlayHaven notification to the game.


playhaven_add_notification_badge(x, y, w, h, ident)

Argument Description
x The new x position in the room.
y The new y position in the room.
w The width of the badge.
h The height of the badge
ident The PlayHaven content name that identifies the widget being used.

Returns: N/A


When using the PlayHaven More Games Widget (see here for more details) you can add a notification badge to the game that will show the number of games added to the network since the last update. Normally you would have a button object (for example) which would request the More Games widget be displayed in your game when the user clicks on it, and you can use this function to entice the player into clicking by showing whenever there are new games available on the button object itself.


playhaven_add_notification_badge(x- 16, y - 16, 32, 32, "games_widget");

The above code will set a badge to be displayed on the current object that will show when new games have been added to the More Games content that you defined with the name "games_widget".

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