Save part of the contents of a buffer to a file.


buffer_save_ext(buffer, filename, offset, size);

Argument Description
buffer The index of the buffer to save.
filename The name of the file to save as.
offset The offset within the buffer to save from (in bytes).
size The size of the buffer area to save (in bytes).

Returns: N/A


With this function you can save part of the contents of a buffer to a file, ready to be read back into memory using the buffer_load function. The "offset" defines the start position within the buffer for saving (in bytes), and the "size" is the size of the buffer area to be saved from that offset onwards (also in bytes).


buffer_save_ext(buff, "Player_Save.sav", 0, 16384);

Saves part of the current contents of the buffer with the id stored in the variable "buff" to a file.

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