Copies one grid into another grid.


ds_grid_copy(destination, source);

Argument Description
destination This index of the grid to copy to.
source This index of the grid to copy from.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can copy the contents of one grid into another one. Both grids must have been created previously using the ds_grid_create function.


n_grid = ds_grid_create(ds_grid_width(a_grid), ds_grid_height(a_grid));
ds_grid_copy(n_grid, a_grid);
ds_grid_clear(a_grid, -1);

The above code creates a new ds_grid, based on the width and height of a previously created grid, then copies the information form the previous grid to the new one. Finally it clears the old grid so that all cells have a value of -1.

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