Returns which of two times is the latest.


date_compare_time(datetime1, datetime2);

Argument Description
datetime1 The first datetime.
datetime2 The datetime to compare the first one to.

Returns: Real


With this function you can check two dates and times to see which one has the time component earlier or later than the other. The function returns -1 if datetime1 is earlier, 1 if datetime1 is later and 0 if they are the same, and it ignores the date, so literally just which of the times is further through its given day.


d = date_compare_time(date_create_datetime( 2011, 9, 15, 11, 4, 0 ), date_current_datetime());

This would set "d" to the corresponding value depending on which of the times was the earliest. Basically, if the current time is later than 11:04 am, it would return 1. If earlier, -1. If the time is 11:04, it would return 0.

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