Returns the full 32bit value for the pixel displayed at a given coordinate.


draw_getpixel_ext(x, y);

Argument Description
x The x coordinate of the pixel to check
y The y coordinate of the pixel to check

Returns: Real


With this function you can get the full abgr 32bit value of any pixel that is being drawn to the current render target. This means that the results will depend on the event in which the function is called, and also on the target surface being used.

NOTE: This function is slow and so should only be used when absolutely necessary.


col = draw_getpixel_ext(mouse_x, mouse_y);
alpha = (col >> 24) & 255;
blue = (col >> 16) & 255;
green = (col >> 8) & 255;
red = col & 255;

The above code will get the 32bit colour value at the position of the mouse and then split it into its component values, storing them in variables.

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