Draws the model at position (x, y, z).


d3d_model_draw(ind, x, y, z, texid)

Argument Description
ind The index of the model to be drawn.
x The x position to draw the model.
y The y position to draw the model.
z The z position to draw the model.
texid The texture to use for drawing the model (use -1 to use no texture).

Returns: N/A


This function draws the model at position (x, y, z) in the room. The texid is the texture that must be used, unless you have specified a value of -1 which means no texture, and this id can be gotten from the functions sprite_get_texture and background_get_texture. If you want to rotate or scale the model you can use the transformation routines.


d3d_model_draw(model[2], 0, -100, 0, sprite_get_texture(spr_Wall))

Draws the model with a texture at the given position.

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