Draws the surface stretched to an indicated region with colour and alpha blending.


draw_surface_stretched_ext(id, x, y, w, h, colour, alpha );

Argument Description
id The unique id (index) of the surface to draw.
x The x position of where to draw the surface.
y The y position of where to draw the surface.
w The width at which to draw the surface.
h The height at which to draw the surface.
colour The colour with which to colour the surface.
alpha The alpha with which to blend the surface.

Returns: N/A


This function does exactly the same as the draw_surface_stretched function with the added ability to set the colour blending and alpha value for the surface when it is drawn (similar to the function draw_surface_ext).

NOTE: When working with surfaces there is the possibility that they can cease to exist at any time due to them being stored in texture memory. You should ALWAYS check that a surface exists using surface_exists before referencing them directly. For further information see Surfaces.


draw_surface_stretched_ext(surf, x, y, 200, 200, c_white, 0.5);

This will draw the given surface with its left corner at the instances x/y position and it will be stretched to occupy an area of 200x200 pixels with no blending, but partial transparency.

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