Copy a given file.


file_copy(fname, newname);

Argument Description
fname The name of the file to copy.
newname The name of the new, copied, file.

Returns: N/A


This function will copy the specified file, giving it the new name that you choose. If you are copying a file on Android from within your Included Files area (which will be inside your APK) it will copy into memory first, so, be aware that copying very large files from the APK may cause devices to run out of memory. On JavaScript platforms (HTML5), we use the HTML5 Local Storage API for client side saving, and the functions does not support binary file operations, so assumes you are copying a text file.

WARNING! This function may not work as you expect due to GameMaker: Studio being sandboxed! Please see the section on File System Limits for more information.


if file_exists("level1.txt")
   file_copy("level1.txt", "level2.txt");

This would check for a file and if it exists it is copied.

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