File System Functions

This section of the manual deals with the functions for files in general.

There exists in GameMaker: Studio a number of functions that enable you to manipulate files in different ways:

  1. file_exists
  2. file_delete
  3. file_rename
  4. file_copy
  5. file_find_first
  6. file_find_next
  7. file_find_close
  8. file_attributes

The following functions can be used to change file names:

Note: These functions do not work on the actual files! They only deal with the strings.

  1. filename_name
  2. filename_path
  3. filename_dir
  4. filename_drive
  5. filename_ext
  6. filename_change_ext

Finally there are two special functions for getting filenames that can be used for loading and saving files with file-type filters:

Note: These functions are Windows ONLY.

  1. get_open_filename
  2. get_open_filename_ext
  3. get_save_filename
  4. get_save_filename_ext

WARNING! These functions may not work as you expect due to GameMaker: Studio being sandboxed! Please see the section on File System Limits for more information.

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