Writes a real value to a given opened text file.


file_text_write_real(fileid, val);

Argument Description
fileid The id of the file to edit.
val The real value to write to the file.

Returns: Real


With this function you can write a number to the previously opened text file. Note that as the value to be written can be a real number, all decimals will be written with a "." point as separator. If the file already contains information, this information will be erased and the string will be written at the beginning of the file, unless you have opened the file with the file_text_open_append. You can also avoid this by using the file_text_readln function along with the file_text_eof function to loop through the contents of the file until you get to the end and then start writing.

It is important to note that when writing very large numbers to a text file using this function, it may be translated into a standard simplified format, like "6.6624e+003", which cannot be read back in to GameMaker: Studio correctly. To prevent issues like this, you should instead convert the value to a string and use the function file_text_write_string() instead.


var i, file;
file = file_text_open_write(working_directory + "\hiscore.txt");
for (i = 0; i < 10; i += 1)
   file_text_write_real(file, scr[i]);
   file_text_write_string(file, scr_name[i]);

The above code opens a file for writing and then loops through two arrays, writing each array value to a new line of the file. The file is then closed when the loop has finished.

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