Reads a saved string from an .ini file.


ini_read_string(section, key, default);

Argument Description
section The section of the .ini to read from.
key The key within the relevant section of the .ini to read from.
default The string to return if a string is not found in the defined place (or the .ini file does not exist). Must be a string.

Returns: String


You can use this function to read a string (text) from an ini data file. Ini files are split into sections and then each section is subsequently split into key - value pairs. So a typical ini file would look something like this:


ini_open( 'savedata.ini' ); = ini_read_string( 'save1', 'Name', 'Player1' );

This will open 'savedata.ini' and set to the string under 'save1' > 'Name' in it, then close the .ini again. Should there be no string under 'save1' > 'Name', or there no 'savedata.ini' file present, will be set to 'Player1'.

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