Writes a real value (number) to an .ini file.


ini_write_real(section, key, value);

Argument Description
section The section of the .ini to write to.
key The key within the relevant section of the .ini to write to.
value The real value to write to the relevant destination.

Returns: N/A


You can use this function to write a value (numeric) to an ini data file. Ini files are split into sections and then each section is subsequently split into key - value pairs. So a typical ini file would look something like this:


score = 1000;
ini_open( 'savedata.ini' );
ini_write_real( 'save1', 'Score', score );
score2 = ini_read_real( 'save1', 'Score', 0 );

This will set score to 1000, then open 'savedata.ini' and write this value to 'save1' > 'Score'. Then, it will set score2 to the real value under 'save1' > 'score' in it, 1000, and close the .ini again. Had it not found this value, score2 would have ended up set as 0.

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