Creates a new background with a coloured gradient.


background_create_gradient(w, h, colour1, colour2, kind);

Argument Description
w The width of the new background.
h The height of the new background
colour1 The first colour of the gradient.
colour2 The second colour of the gradient.
kind The type of gradient (0 - 5).

Returns: Real


This function creates a new background of the given width and height cleared to the given coloured gradient. The function returns the index of the newly created background and this should be stored in a variable and used in all further calls that require this background (If there is an error, the function returns -1). The gradient itself can be set to one of 6 different kinds as shown below:

NOTE: When you create a background dynamically with GameMaker: Studio you must remember to remove it again (with background_delete) when no longer needed, otherwise there is risk of a memory leak which will slow down and eventually crash your game.


t_back = background_create_gradient(room_width, room_height, c_red, c_blue, 0);

The above code will create a new background the same size as the current room and colour it with a red/blue horizontal gradient. The index of this new background is stored in the variable "t_back".

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