Returns the texture coordinates of the font within the texture page as an array.



Argument Description
font The index of the font to use.

Returns: Array


This function returns an array with the UV coordinates for the font texture on the texture page, filling in the array with the following values: [0] = left, [1] = top, [2] = right and [3] = bottom. This value can then be used in other draw functions, particularly in general 3D and some of the 2D primitive functions, as well as the Shader functions.


var tex = font_get_uvs(fnt_Main);
tex_left = tex[0];
tex_top = tex[1];
tex_right = tex[2];
tex_left = tex[3];

The above code will store the UV coordinates for the given background in a local array and then assign the values to instance variables.

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