Audio Synchronisation

This section contains the functions necessary to synchronise the playback of various audio tracks over time.

The audio sync group functions let you play multiple sounds that start at exactly the same time and stay in sync (on a per sample level). This enables you to (for example) add various tracks for a single song and then fade in and out sections without having to worry about whether there will be any delay between them. Note that these functions currently only work with compressed audio, ie. *.ogg and *.mp3 format files.

NOTE: Audio sync group functionality is not available for the HTML5 target platform. You will see a console message that the function call is not supported.

The following functions exist to deal with synchronising audio tracks:

  1. audio_create_sync_group
  2. audio_play_in_sync_group
  3. audio_start_sync_group
  4. audio_stop_sync_group
  5. audio_pause_sync_group
  6. audio_resume_sync_group
  7. audio_sync_group_get_track_pos
  8. audio_destroy_sync_group
  9. audio_sync_group_debug
  10. audio_sync_group_is_playing

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