Changes the output pitch for sounds played by the emitter.


audio_emitter_pitch(emitter, pitch);

Argument Description
emitter The index of the emitter to change.
pitch The pitch multiplier (default 1).

Returns: N/A


This function can be used to change the pitch of all sounds emitted from the given emitter. It is a pitch multiplier, in that the input value multiplies the current pitch by that amount, so the default value of 1 is no pitch change, while a value of less than 1 will lower the pitch and greater than 1 will raise the pitch. It is best to use small increments for this function as any value under 0 or over 5 may not be audible anyway.

NOTE: If a sound is being looped through the emitter, the change in pitch will not be detected unless the sound is stopped and looped again!


switch (gear)
   case 1: audio_emitter_pitch(s_emit, 0.8); break;
   case 2: audio_emitter_pitch(s_emit, 0.9); break;
   case 3: audio_emitter_pitch(s_emit, 0.95); break;
   case 4: audio_emitter_pitch(s_emit, 1); break;
   case 5: audio_emitter_pitch(s_emit, 1.2); break;

The above code will change the pitch of the audio played from the emitter indexed in the variable "s_emit" based on the value of the variable "gear".

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