Start a group of synchronised audio tracks playing.



Argument Description
group_index The group index to play.

Returns: N/A


With this function you can strat a previously create sync group playing. The group index is the value returned when you created the group using the function audio_create_sync_group().


sg = audio_create_sync_group(true);
audio_play_in_sync_group(sg, sound1);
audio_play_in_sync_group(sg, sound2);
audio_set_gain(sound2, 0, 0);
audio_play_in_sync_group(sg, sound3);
audio_set_gain(sound3, 0, 0);
audio_play_in_sync_group(sg, sound4);
audio_set_gain(sound4, 0, 0);

The above creates a new sync group and assigns the index of the group to the variable "sg". Four sounds are then added to the group, with the gain for three of them set to 0. Finally the sync group is played.

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