Get the current play position for the given sync group.



Argument Description
group_index The group index to get the position of.

Returns: Real


This function returns the current play position of the given sync group. The group index is the value returned when you created the group using the function audio_create_sync_group(), and the return value is the time in seconds that the tracks have been playing.


var real_secs = audio_sync_group_get_track_pos(sg);
var secs = real_secs mod 60;
var mins = string(real_secs div 60);
if (secs > 9)
   secs = string(secs);
   secs = "0" + string(secs);
draw_text(32, 32, "Time = " + mins + ":" + secs);

The above code gets the time position for the sync group indexed in the variable "sg", then uses this value to draw the time played on the screen.

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