Legacy Sound

This section explains the Legacy Sound System and its functions.

The Legacy Sound system exists to maximise the compatibility of GameMaker: Studio with previous projects that were made with older versions of GameMaker and as such it needs to be switched on through the setting in the Global Game Settings: General Tab as the default setting is for GM:S Audio support. It should be noted that these functions are not as flexible nor as stable as the newer ones and where possible they should be avoided or changed.

The following legacy functions exist that deal with sounds:

  1. sound_exists
  2. sound_get_name
  3. sound_play
  4. sound_loop
  5. sound_stop
  6. sound_stop_all
  7. sound_isplaying
  8. sound_volume
  9. sound_fade
  10. sound_global_volume

Below you can find a list of functions that have been deprecated in GameMaker: Studio. These functions will no longer work as you must have all sounds included with the game bundle:

  1. sound_add
  2. sound_replace
  3. sound_delete

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