Replaces an existing sound with one from a given filename DEPRECATED.


sound_replace(index, fname, kind, preload);

Argument Description
index The index of the sound to be replace.
fname The filename of the new sound.
kind The kind of sound it should be added as (legacy Feature) 0=normal, 1=background, 2=3D, 3=multimedia player, for things like MP3s).
preload Whether the sound should preload into memory immediately (true) or not (false) (legacy Feature) .

Returns: Boolean


WARNING!: This function has been deprecated and will no longer work!

This function will load a sound file from an external source into a previously created sound asset (normally one from the resource tree, but you can also replace sounds that have been added using the sound_add function. This file can be either a *.wav or a *.mp3. The last two arguments are a left over from previous versions of GameMaker and can be set to 0 as they have no effect on the function.

NOTE: Depending on the target platform that is chosen you are limited as to where you can save and load files from. See Reference - Files for more information.

NOTE: You should be aware that if you are using this function in your HTML5 target game to load resources from an external server, then, due to XSS protection in browsers, attempts to load resources from across domains can be blocked and may appear to return blank results.


if sound_exists(global.Music)
   sound_replace(global.Music, working_directory + "\bgm.mp3", 0, 0);

The above code checks to see if a sound is indexed in the global variable "Music" and if it is it replaces that sound with another and then sets it to loop.

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