Provides access to the bone data used for the default pose of the skeletal animation.


skeleton_bone_data_get(bone, map);

Argument Description
bone The name (as a string) of the bone.
map The (previously created) ds_map that stores the bone data.

Returns: N/A


Your skeletal animation is made up of a number of "bones", which you will have defined and given names to in your animation program. This function can be used to get information on the named bone at any time and store the data in an empty ds_map, which you must have created previously. Note that this data refers to the default pose for the skeleton, and not the current pose that is being drawn. If you need the data from the current pose, use skeleton_bone_state_get.

When you call this function the map will be populated with the following keys:

IMPORTANT: Spine integration in GameMaker: Studio is a Pro licence feature and will not work in the Free/Standard versions.


bone_map = ds_map_create();
skeleton_bone_data_get("leftarm", bone_map);

The above code creates a ds_map and then populates it with the data from the bone named "leftarm".

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