Change the x and y offset (origin) of the given sprite asset.


sprite_set_offset(ind, xoff, yoff);

Argument Description
ind The index of the sprite to change the offset of.
xoff The x position of the origin.
yoff The y position of the origin.

Returns: N/A


This function can be used to set the x and y origin of a sprite, and takes relative values based on the (0,0) position being the upper left corner of the sprite. The following image illustrates this:

NOTE: This function affects the sprite resource so that all further instances with this sprite will have the same offset.


sprite_assign(spr_Custom, spr_Base);
sprite_set_offset(spr_Custom, sprite_get_xoffset(spr_Base), sprite_get_yoffset(spr_Base));

The above code assigns the sprite indexed in "spr_Base" to the sprite indexed in "spr_Custom" and then uses the x and y offset values of "spr_Base" to set the new sprite's origin.

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