iap_is_purchased (deprecated)

Indicates whether or not a product has been purchased.



Argument Description
product_id The product ID string for the purchase.

Returns: Boolean


WARNING!: This function has been deprecated and is no longer used.

With this function you can find out if the product you are checking has been bought previously or not, and has not yet been consumed. It will return true if the purchase exists and has not yet been consumed, or it will return false if the product does not exist, has not been purchased, or has already been consumed.

NOTE: This function is only valid if communication with the target store has been established.


if iap_status() == iap_status_available
   var purchased;
   purchased = iap_is_purchased(p_id);
   if purchased

The above the product ID to test and see if it the associated consumable product been bought or not, and if it has it calls the iap_consume() function.

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