Add product files to a ds_list.


iap_product_files(purchase_id, ds_list);

Argument Description
purchase_id This can either be the Apple Store/Google Play id string, an URL id, or an index into the available purchases ds_list.
ds_list The ds_list that will store the product information.

Returns: N/A


WARNING! This function has been deprecated.

With this function you can generate a ds_list containing all the files associated with the given product id.

NOTE: The ds_list used is not created by the function, meaning that you must create it previously and remove it again from memory when not in use using the appropriate function.


if iap_product_status(p_id) == "Purchased"
   var list, i;
   list = ds_list_create();
   iap_product_files(p_id, list);
   for (i = 0; i < ds_list_size(list); i += 1)
      draw_text(x, y + (i * 32), ds_list_find_value(list, i));

The above code checks the previously stored product id to see if it has been purchased, and if it has it then creates and displays a list of product files that have been downloaded.

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