Indicates whether or not a product has been purchased.



Argument Description
product_id The Apple Store/Google Play product id for the purchase in reverse URL format, eg: "com.MacSweeney Games.CTC.LevelPack".

Returns: String


WARNING! This function has been deprecated.

This function is similar to the iap_status function, but instead of a ds_map with detailed information, this function returns a string with the current status of the purchase specified by the purchase id. The following text can be returned by this function:


if iap_product_status(p_id) == "Purchased"
   var list, i;
   list = ds_list_create();
   iap_product_files(p_id, list);
   for (i = 0; i < ds_list_size(list); i += 1)
      draw_text(x, y + (i * 32), ds_list_find_value(list, i));

The above code checks the previously stored product id to see if it has been purchased, and if it has it then creates and displays a list of product files that have been downloaded.

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