Allows you to quickly check the store status of the IAP system.



Returns: String


WARNING! This function has been deprecated.

This function is similar to the iap_status function, but instead of a ds_map with detailed information, this function returns a string with the current status of the store being used by your game. The following text can be returned by this function:

Extended Example:

We can use this function to draw the store status in real-time using the data returned from the function iap_event_queue which you would use in the special asynchronous IAP Event. In the Create Event of the instance you would prepare a variable to store the returned value of this function and then in the IAP event have:

var q;
q = iap_event_queue();
if !ds_queue_empty(q))
   store_status = ds_queue_dequeue(q);
   store_status = 0;

This will catch any store changes and set a variable to the value returned, and this variable can then be used in the Draw Event:

if store_status == -1
   draw_text(32, 32, "Store status updated: " + iap_store_status());

The above code will now use the iap_store_status function to display to the user the current state of the store.

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